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Don Buck Honey is the online store of a small West Auckland beekeeping business. The honey is harvested from specific clusters of apiaries (beehive sites), giving distinctive batches with unique colors, tastes, and textures. The apiaries are located between West Auckland, the Far North, and the Bay of Islands. All our honey is raw and unpasteurized and has nothing added to it.

Orders can be couriered to you or picked up by prior arrangement.

Larger orders of pots are at lower rates – great for stores, distributors or for gifts. Also a great idea for stocking up or for sharing the discount and courier cost with friends!

4-5 pots 10% discount
6-11 pots 15% discount
12-23 pots 25% discount
24+ pots 30% discount

(Pre-set combos and honey buckets are excluded. To see courier rates please click here)

Credit to Becky at Buttermint for Design, Labels, and Product Photography!

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